The Drunken Sailor

The Drunken Sailor

Miscellaneous versus from a variety of sources.

Throw him in th' bilge and make him drink it,

Put him in his cabin and stop his liquour,

Shave his belly with a rusty razor,

Trice him up in a runnin' bowline,

Take him and shake him and try and wake him,

Give him a taste o' the bosun's rope end,

Tie him to the taff-rail when she's yard-arm under,

Put 'em to bed with the Captain's daughter,1

Stick him in the crow's nest till he's sober,

Hang him from the yard arm till he's sober,

Put him in the brig until he sobers,

Put him in scuppers with a hausepipe on him,

Put on his back a mustard plaster,

Put him in the long boat until he's sober,

Make him captain of an Exxon Tanker,

1 One possible explanation of this is that the Captain's daughter was actually a cat o' nine tails. A sailor would be beaten with the cat o' nine tails, rinsed down with salt water, then put to bed in agony. The 'cat' was kept in the Captain's cabin and called "The Captain's daughter." Hence, "Put him to bed with the Captain's daughter." Another proposed explanation is that the Captain's daughter is the largest gun on the ship, although it's hard to see what this has to do with a bed! Perhaps the most plausible explanation comes from a reader who suggested that "drunk was the only way a sailor would sleep with the Captain's daughter."